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CRAMER: Small Business Broadband Deployment Act Encourages Growth and Innovation

Jan 10, 2017
Press Release

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Kevin Cramer said a bill passed by the House of Representatives today encourages growth and innovation of the rural broadband infrastructure.

H.R. 288, the Small Business Broadband Deployment Act, extends for five years an exemption for small broadband Internet providers from certain reporting requirements. This includes reporting about the performance and cost of services to consumers required under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s 2015 net neutrality rules. The bill also expands the definition of a small broadband provider from having fewer than 100,000 subscribers to fewer than 250,000 subscribers.

Similar legislation, H.R. 4596, passed the House last March. 

“In places like North Dakota, access to reliable broadband internet is vital for education, job creation, health care, emergency services and personal use,” said Cramer. “Our internet service providers and communications companies should not have to comply with the FCC’s burdensome one-size-fits-all regulations that are designed for large-population and densly-populated areas that stifle innovation. They invest in these services at great cost and great risk, while dealing with the reality of covering large distances for small populations. This bill encourages innovation and continued growth for rural broadband infrastructure."