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CRAMER: House Bills Address Concerns One Year After Iran Deal

Jul 14, 2016
Press Release

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Kevin Cramer supported three bills addressing concerns one year after the United States approved its nuclear deal with Iran.  These bills, passed by the House of Representatives today, are designed to block the Obama Administration from granting any more concessions and to hold Tehran accountable for its actions.

“July 14 marks the one-year anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal,” said Cramer. ”Our relations continue to be tense, not only with Iran, but the other countries in the region, both allies and adversaries. Iran continues to be a major sponsor of terrorism and its increasingly aggressive hardline Revolutionary Guard has tightened its grip on much of the country’s industry.  Our bill simply addresses concerns with continued United States-Iran relations.  Someone needs to take a stand on this, instead of coddling them like the Administration is doing.”

The bills are as follows:

H.R. 5119 – No Heavy Water (2H2O) from Iran Act – This bill, of which Cramer is a co-sponsor, prohibits the purchase of heavy water from Iran. This bill is in response to an announcement in April from the Department of Energy that the U.S. would purchase heavy water from Iran. It ensures that no funds will be used by any federal department or agency to purchase heavy water or to issue a license for the purchase of heavy water from Iran.

“The Iran nuclear deal does not require the United States to purchase excess heavy water produced by Iran,” said Cramer. “This bill ensures that our taxpayer dollars will not subsidize the regime.”

H.R. 5631 – Iran Accountability Act of 2016 – This bill imposes sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program, support for terrorism, and human rights violations. It also requires the President to report to Congress on efforts to free Americans held hostage by Iran.

“The Obama nuclear agreement with Iran didn’t do a thing to address the regime’s egregious human rights record, its illicit ballistic missile program or its continuing role as the world’s leading state sponsor of terror,” said Cramer.  “Our bill imposes sanctions to Iran for these violations. It’s time to hold them accountable, not reward them.”

H.R. 4992 – United States Financial System Protection Act – This bill codifies regulations to prevent Iran from accessing the dollar and U.S. financial system. It maintains Iran’s designation as a primary money laundering concern and denies Iran access to the U.S. dollar, including through any offshore dollar clearing system, for transactions involving the government of Iran.

“Granting Iran access to the dollar is a concession well above and beyond the letter of the nuclear agreement,” said Cramer. “This would give Tehran access to billions of dollars in additional commerce to supplement the billions it has  already been provided in the form of nuclear sanctions relief.  I encourage the Senate to consider similar legislation to show our concern for continued vigilance to keep what was a bad international agreement from causing more harm to our country.  I know there are a lot of Senators who fell for it. This is an opportunity for them to make good on their mistake a year ago.”