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May 3, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Kevin Cramer supported legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives today to fund the federal government for the remainder of this fiscal year.

“The funding bill passed today provides for a safer, stronger America,” said Cramer. “It supports President Trump’s commitment to rebuild our military and secure our borders. It delivers the largest military pay raise in six years. The bill also protects our farmers and reduces regulatory burden across all federal agencies. The bill takes care of the most vulnerable among us by providing funding for opioid addiction while also protecting the unborn. Importantly, it also provides crucial funding to reimburse North Dakota for the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, and will allow the Community of Drayton to keep its levy permanently. All of this is being done while, at the same time, the Trump Administration and Congress continue to put our fiscal house back in order by reducing government waste including rescinding, consolidating, or terminating more than 150 federal programs or initiatives. While there is certainly more work to be done, it’s refreshing to see both parties coming together to pass a funding bill that allows Congress to go about the business of governing.”


Highlights of the funding bill include:

  • North Dakota Highlights
    • Up to $15 million for law enforcement costs related to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
    • Allows Drayton to permanently keep its flood levy
    • $6 million for a new solicitation on initial work for a commercial-scale, post-combustion carbon dioxide capture project on an existing coal-fueled generating unit available to Project Tundra at the Milton R. Young Station
    • $8 million in funding for Customs and Border Protection specifically for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) training in Grand Forks
    • Prevents the closure of National Fish Hatcheries, including the Garrison Dam and Valley City National Fish Hatcheries
  • Defense
    • $593 billion in this bill brings total FY2017 defense funding to $598.5 billion, a critical increase of $25.7 billion over FY2016
    • Provides for the largest military pay raise in six years, while also reversing the Obama Administration’s cuts to personnel
    • This bill takes a major step toward rebuilding the strength and readiness of our military – a key priority for Congress and the Administration
  • Border Security
    • $12.2 billion in total funding for Customs and Border Protection
    • Includes critical funding for infrastructure, innovative technology, and agents at the border
  • Agriculture
    • Increased FSA Loan Funding by $1.6B above Obama budget, with little or no cost to the taxpayer
    • $3.07B for rural development programs
    • $1.2B for rural water and waste
    • $6.94B for rural electric and telephone loans
    • Stops Obama-Era School Meal Regulations from being implemented
    • Prevents regulating animal and crop waste under the Solid Waste Disposal Act
    • Makes Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service vacant grazing allotments available
  • Health
    • Increases National Institute of Health (NIH) funding by $2 billion
    • Provides additional resources to fight against the nation’s opioid epidemic
    • Increases funding for rural health initiatives by $6 million
  • Pro-Life Provisions
    • Maintains the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions
    • Prohibits funding for abortions in D.C., within Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, and for federal prisoners
    • Includes conscience protections
    • Prohibits Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of using human embryos for genetic modification
    • Increases funding for sexual risk avoidance programs
  • Other Highlights
    • Includes $1.5 billion for Amtrak, which is $105 million more than the FY2016 enacted level
    • $8.2 billion for emergency and disaster funding
    • Freezes funding for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) below the 2008 level
    • Caps Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staffing at the lowest levels since 1989 and provides zero dollars to the Green Climate Fund
    • No new funding for Obamacare and prohibits funds for Obamacare Risk Corridors
    • Includes provisions protecting American’s 2nd Amendment rights
    • Rescinds, consolidates, or terminates more than 150 federal programs or initiatives
    • Funds technical assistance for improved water quality and safe drinking water to rural and urban communities
    • Provides regulatory relief for small art glass manufacturers