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CRAMER: Dr. Price Will Revive Our Failing Health Care System

Feb 10, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Congressman Kevin Cramer issued the following statement about Dr. Tom Price taking the oath of office as Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department this morning:

“Congratulations to my close friend, Dr. Tom Price, on becoming our nation’s next Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). As a thought-leader on solving the turmoil brought on by Obamacare, Tom is equipped to hit the ground running his first day in office. As a medical physician, Tom has committed his entire life to protecting the most vulnerable among us and championing what’s best for patients. As the head of HHS, he will serve as a great ally to Congress as we work to give Americans more control and more choices in their health coverage. Through Tom, North Dakotans will never have to worry about being turned away for care or having access to health coverage taken away – including those with pre-existing conditions.

Since Obamacare’s inception, average premiums in job-based coverage has increased by $3,775. Even worse, farms and other businesses in our communities have seen their employer-sponsored health coverage increase by more than $17,000 per year – forcing them to lay off workers, cut hours, and drop employer sponsored health insurance altogether. Sadly, for North Dakotans who can’t afford these cost hikes, many are opting to forego health insurance entirely, and instead pay the $695 IRS tax penalty infamously known as the individual mandate. In addition, insurance plans couldn’t get off of Obamacare fast enough, which explains why more than 1,000 counties (many in rural areas) now have a health monopoly with only one health plan left in the Obamacare exchanges. If nothing is done, things will get far worse.  

Senate Democrats opposing Dr. Price continue to claim that seniors will lose their health coverage and that “free” coverage will be taken away. This is false. In addition to the fact that nothing is “free”, these tired and archaic scare tactics by the liberal left are offensive to Dr. Tom Price’s esteemed career of more than 20 years in medical practice. Making meaningful reforms to our failed heath care system will not punish anyone. Rather, it will provide the freedom to access quality health care, at an affordable price, that works for you, not Washington.”